If you wish to buy or invest in a Business

TRi  Law  International Law  Office provides a comprehensive services to those individual or corporation wishing to invest in an existing businesses in Thailand.

Our goal, in providing these services to you, is to insure you are made fully aware of the true state of affairs of the business in which you are wishing to invest:

If you choose TRi  Law  International Law  Office to assist you, we will provide the following services:


Casual and formal observations of current operations;
Legal due diligence, investigating the present owners and their status visa the government’s business licensing authorities;
Verification of relevant current  properties or assets;
 Financial due diligence, including a review of the business’s annual audits, bookkeeping records, as well as informal records provided by the current owner;
Review of purchase/investment agreement prior to signature;
Hosting of agreement signing in the presence of our lawyers;
Processing of business transfer documents at the Thai government agencies;
Assistance with recruitment of Thai nationals for your business, at both the management and staff levels;
Review of internal management and financial policies and procedures to insure effective control by you, the new owner/investor;
Assistance with marketing and advertising plans;
 Visa and work permit formalities for yourself and your spouse/family;
Monthly accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, legal advice on a retainer contract;
Assistance with practical management/operational questions or problems when they arise.