On June 29, 2004 , ASPIRATION CONSULTANTS, a business and venture-capital consultancy providing financial advice and project loan funding, agreed to expand its services to TRi Law's clientele. TRi Law therefore strengthens its position as a “ One Stop Law Center ”. This service will help clients evaluate their business options before investing: i.e. market surveys, feasibility studies, business plan reviews etc. In addition, TRi Law Consultants, working in conjunction with Aspiration, will insure the legal interests of Aspiration's clients are protected. If you want to learn more about these services, please contact Mr. Phillip Venne at>.

In July 2004, TRi Law Consultants teamed up with Power Point Management Company, operating throughout Asia and elsewhere, to provide a full-range of services concerning the set-up of off-shore companies and bank accounts, and related tax planning. TRi Law Consultants can now assist in incorporations in the British Virgin Islands (BVI); the Cayman Islands; Mauritius, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. This service will help, among others, clients involved in importing and exporting who wish assistance with tax and currency-exchange issues.

On July 6, 2004 TRi Law Consultants has taken on a new client: GULF CHARTERS THAILAND (GCT)

      On July 6, 2004 TRi Law Consultants has taken on a new client: GULF CHARTERS THAILAND (GCT) who are implementing a US$ 1 Million deal providing yachting services. GCT was set up by Zoroaster International, a holding company recently established in Thailand. As part of the Thai government's wish to build up the tourism sector, the government recently reduced import duties on yachts from 200% to 0% and wants to make of Thailand the Yachting Hub of Asia. For its part, GCT will lease yachts (day cruises, fishing trips, or longer-term); broker the sale and purchase of yachts; set up a school for the licensing of yacht captains; and provide other services to yachting enthusiasts in Pattaya and elsewhere. For further information about Gulf Charters, contact Mr. Phil Harper at
      If you are interested to review the possible benefits of an off-shore presence, with its tax and banking benefits, please do not hesitate to contact TRi LAW CONSULTANTS.

On September 2004 TRi Law Consultants was appointed being legal consultants for management assets of  FUTURE HOPE ASSETS LTD. value of US$ 50 mil.

We help him for Tax planning and form the right corporation to control his assets.