TRi Law International Law Office was Founded in 1989. Since then TRi Law has grown from a two person firm serving primarily a local clientele to a firm composed of Thai attorneys and International legal consultants with a clientele, both corporate and individual, from all over the world.TRi Law Consultants specializes in the various aspects of Thai law that affect foreigners and their interests.

Our firm's unique composition affords our clients the comfort and confidence that comes with being competently and fully informed about how, based on intimate familiarity with the local social and legal terrain, to protect their strategic interests and achieve their goals.

This is also true of our dispute resolution team, whose unique composition gives our clients an assuring counsel familiarity in the midst of even their most contentious and uncertain dilemmas with the knowledge that their interests are being represented and their problems resolved in the most effective, efficient and expedient manner possible. 
As a result, TRi  Law Consultants provides its clients services and results on par with any of the “western,” “international” firms here in Thailand, but not at western, international prices, making TRi  Law Consultants a considerably better value.

TRi Law International Law Office
Law Firm License Reg. No. 6092/2548