TRi  Law & Associates, TRi  Law  International Law  Office dispute resolution arm with over twenty-four years of experience in Thailand and abroad, undertakes and resolves difficulties and disputes in the full range of of civil, mommercial and criminal law matters, including issues and conflicts involving their clients’: interests in:





Tort (including personal injury due to negligence, product liability and malpractice)


International Trade





 Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Our unique composition of American legal consultants and Thai Attorneys affords our foreign clients all the comfort, confidence and success that comes with the “home court advantage.”  Our clients are competently advised and fully informed.  Their interests are advocated as efficaciously as possible by professionals with native intimacy and knowledge of Thai law and culture.  Thus, we are the ideal dispute resolution team for the foreign client.
When necessary, our litigation team achieves maximum award, for our clients as claimants, and minimum loss, for clients when they are defendants.  

Adversarial methods, such as litigation, are often not the best way to resolve disputes.  This is especially true in Thailand where any open confrontation is frowned upon.   Thus, our team looks first to and often achieves our clients’ objectives through more conciliatory methods such as informal and formal negotiations, as well as, mediation and arbitration.