A number of options exist for a foreigner wishing to remain long-term in Thailand.  The reasons, and the corresponding visa classifications, are as follows:

manage one’s own business (Non-Immigrant “B” visa);
work for another company  (Non-Immigrant “B” visa);
retire in Thailand (Non-Immigrant “O” or “O-A” visas);
 marry a Thai national (Non-Immigrant “O visa);
live with a child or parent (Non-Immigrant “O”);
invest over three million Baht (Non-Immigrant IB); or
study in an accredited school program (Non-Immigrant “ED”).

Other visas, such as Tourist or Transit visas, are short-term visas which cannot serve as a launching point for longer-term stays. 

TRi  Law Consultants will study your present visa status and long-term plans, discuss the various options with you have, and process your new visa efficiently and smoothly.


TRi  Law Consultants arranges visa extensions on a regular and on a timely basis.  We also secure the necessary “re-entry permits” for our clients who wich to travel outside of Thailand during the term of their visa.  If their visa has expired, we assist our clients in accomplishing the visa over-stay formalities to avoid deportation, and advise them as to how to apply for a new visa.

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