The Thai government wishes to build up the tourism sector, the government recently reduced import duties on yachts from 200% to 0% and wants to make of Thailand the Yachting Hub of Asia. Therefore, it is very good chance for high-profile like you to sail your own yacht here.

The law of sea is a unique local and international body of regulation.  Maritime law controls seafaring commerce.  TRi  Law Consultants’ attorneys and international consultants have years of experience in this area of law and position their clients to avoid potential legal pitfalls and effectively represent their interests if and when they do run aground.

Diving law has also become a rather distinct area of regulation.  Diving law encompasses issues such as:

the rights of student and new divers;
product liability for defective equipment;
the liability of dive shop/instructor/master due to negligent, reckless or intentional behavior;
 dive risk waivers and liability releases;
underwater salvage
employment, financial and insurance issues specific to the diving context.

Whether you are a dive customer or merchant, TRi  Law Consultants will help you avoid any diving related legal entanglements as well as registration of Yacht in Thailand.  And if you are already enmeshed,  TRi  Law Consultants’ dispute resolution team will resolve the issue for you as quickly and as efficiently as possible so you can get back to enjoyable and profitable diving and sailing in beautiful sea in Thailand.