On February 2002 – TRi Law Consultants was appointed being consultants for H.E. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Nasser A.A. Al-Thani, President of Gulf Trust in STATE OF QATAR for various projects between Thailand and Qatar. TRi LAW was successful to deal and facilitate with Federal Of Design and Construction of Thailand to gain the bid of Athlete Asian Game 2006 value of 13 million US$. 
On February 2003 – TRi Law consultants was appointed being consultants for the Veteran Organization- of Laos to facilitate and support legal consultant for finding the donator for FEDERAL WASRS-VETERAN GOVERNMENT RETIRES.
TRi Law Consultants also consulted for Minister of Prime Minister’s Office for various projects in Laos i.e. Hydro Power Dam, Casino, etc. 

On September 2003, TRi Law Consultants and Eric Hanscom Law Office (In California, USA) agreed to co-operate in the provision of Intellectual Property (IP) legal services in Thailand, the United States, Europe and India. Eric Hanscom Law Office, with over 25 years experience, specializes in intellectual property and family law services. Please note that the registration of copyrights, trademarks and patents in the USA is generally recognized in most other countries around the world. TRi Law hopes that the registration of intellectual property rights in the USA will thus help our clients who are seeking a quick and less expensive way to protect their intellectual property in multiple jurisdictions. If you want to learn more about these issues, please contact us.